Residential Maintenance Program

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Do you take pride in your home and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing it is clean and beautiful? Are you selling your home and want to maximize its curb appeal and value? Look no further than Lou Phillips Painting to develop an effective, and cost-efficient program to meet your cleaning requirements.

The harsh sub-tropical climate experienced in Florida demands constant upkeep on building structures. Without the proper cleaning, embedded contaminants can cause costly damages to your investment.

  • Pressure Washing
  • House Washing












Pressure Washing

An inexpensive removal of algae and dirt contaminants.

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Porches

House Washing

When a home gets covered with dirt, grime and other unwanted substances like mold and mildew; it is time to take action by pressure cleaning the home’s exterior. House washing is necessary if you want to keep your home looking great and especially if you want to maintain or even increase the value. It is a known fact that keeping the outside of houses clean will extend or at least get the full life out of the exterior products used to cover the walls like vinyl siding and especially wood

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